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What is Advocacy?  It comes in many forms and depending upon your mission, goals, issues and audience, advocacy can differ greatly. Social Advertising Center will work with you to get your message out there to connect and inspire your target audience to help you create change, and help you reach your goals.  We will begin our process of activating your core supporters and identify others who may have interest in your organization and its’ work,  Through our comprehensive digital campaigns and other programs, we will work to bring them into your community.

When you partner with Social Advertising Center, you get access to a full-service agency—a team of experts who are passionate about making change for good.  We are excited to hear about your goals and put our expertise to work to GET YOU NOTICED! 

Let’s team up and start a dynamic campaign to get you noticed and your mission and goals accomplished.

How Social Advertising Center advocates for you!

Clear, Concise & Consistent Messaging

Clear, concise, and consistent messaging is essential for effective communication. It means conveying information in a way that is easily understood, brief, and uniform across all channels and interactions. Here are some key principles to follow for achieving clear, concise, and consistent messaging:

  • Know your audience.
  • Use simple language.
  • Focus on the key message.
  • Use visuals.
  • Be consistent.

Integrated Campaigns

Integrated campaigns can be very effective for non-profit organizations, as they allow you to reach your audience across multiple channels and touchpoints. Here are some steps you can take to create a successful integrated campaign for your non-profit organization:

  • Define your target audience.
  • Set clear goals.
  • Develop a messaging strategy.
  • Choose your channels.
  • Create content.
  • Implement the campaign.
  • Monitor and measure results.

Volunteer Communications

Communicating effectively with volunteers is crucial for non-profit organizations to engage them and keep them motivated. Here are some tips for non-profit volunteer communications:

  • Welcome and Orientation.

  • Clear Expectations.

  • Communication channels.

  • Regular Updates.

  • Recognize and Appreciate.

  • Feedback and Evaluation.

Digital Mobilization

Digital mobilization is an effective way for non-profit organizations to mobilize supporters and drive action online. Here are some tips for non-profit digital mobilization:

  • Define your goals.

  • Know your audience.

  • Develop a strong message. 

  • Utilize social media. 

  • Leverage email marketing.

  • Utilize digital tools.

  • Measure and optimize.

 Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies for non-profits are essential for promoting the organization’s mission and engaging supporters. Here are some tips for developing effective marketing strategies for non-profits:

  • Define your target audience.
  • Develop a strong message.
  • Use multiple channels.
  • Utilize social media.
  • Build partnerships.
  • Leverage online fundraising.
  • Measure and optimize.