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Trusted writing on History, Travel, and American Culture since 1949 …

Join the Fight to save this National Treasure!

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History Lives Here …

The National Historical Society

The mission of the new National Historical Society is to help millions of Americans learn more about our nation’s story.

The Society is taking over operation of American Heritage, the widely respected magazine of American history. For 73 years, it has connected Americans to their shared heritage with trusted, non-partisan writing by leading scholars.  


Inspiring leaders to improve our world …

We connect and engage Swiss and American leaders through inspirational programs to strengthen our shared values of liberty, the rule of law, and free enterprise.


To be the premier organization connecting and inspiring American and Swiss leaders.

Keeping you in the know …

Conservatarian news and commentary on today’s issues, seen through the lens of applied liberty. LN writers don’t report news, they explain why it matters to you.  

We consider ourselves genuine patriots — the kind of people who get chills when fireworks go off on the Fourth of July, who reflexively stand up when the National Anthem is played, and who believe America is still the greatest country on earth. And we believe this nation is filled with others like us who have not been afforded the opportunity to be heard.



1. We educate cops and citizens on how to work better together.
2. We equip police with the resources they need to serve communities well.
3. We empower police to directly connect with local residents.


“Chapel Haven is more than just another Asperger/Autism treatment program.” It is a caring environment that fosters community and kindness.

“Chapel Haven provides lifelong individualized services for people with developmental and social disabilities, empowering them to live independent and self-determined lives.”


Join the Fight Against Sex Trafficking and Violence Against Women!  Give vulnerable women and girls the freedom, hope and 
justice they deserve.  

Support Our Work with your tax-free donation of any amount or become a Partner helping in the fight. 

Your donations have made it possible for these accomplishments since 2020:

  •  3000+ people reached through outreach initiatives
  • Assisted in Rescue of 25 women
  • Held 11 9-week discipleship courses
  • Graduated 100+ women from FAST Life Course.



Join the community of supporters who participate in NFTE’s annual fund campaign for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program. Your gift helps sustain NFTE programs and allows us to grow our reach and impact more young people across the U.S. and around the globe.


  • Evangelism Discipleship, and Outreach
  • Education Program
  • Advocating Against FGM
  • Farming God’s Way
  • Jesus Film