Roku is America’s number one streaming platform when it comes to number of streams. Roku allows advertisers to reach four in five people in the United States. In 20 million homes and garnering almost 40 million unique accounts, Roku users have streamed over 13.2 billion hours of content, just in Q1 of 2020.

What is unique about advertising on Roku? Roku offers access to more accurate TV audience data through Roku’s proprietary use of data powered by direct consumer relationships as well as all of Roku’s streaming data. This takes the guesswork out of customer targeting.

What kind of ads does Roku offer? Roku offers :15 and :30 second spots of full screen interactive video. Looking for something a little different? Maybe your brand is a great fit for a sponsorship.

Roku is unique with its option to place your ads on relevant Roku channels. This is a great way to target specific customers. Consider us for your Roku channel development and advertising, ask us for samples. Let us help you get started with Roku advertising today.