Social Media is undeniable, your business needs a social media presence regardless of whether you are a local shop or national company.

Social media builds your brand by providing relevant and valuable content, it connects you with your audience (potential and existing customers), it increases your brand’s awareness putting you front and center of by amplifying your digital presence.

Hire A Dedicated Social Media Specialist (Brand Ambassador)

Our Ambassadors create and send out thousands of crafted posts for happy clients every month

The Process

Here’s what to expect:

Step #1- Tell us about your business

Choose the service level and click get started. Once you’ve subscribed to our service, we will send you an onboarding form with several questions about your business and your goals.

Step #2- Meet Your Brand Ambassador

After we receive your quick questionnaire, you get introduced to your designated Brand Ambassador (Social Media Specialist). They will create and schedule your social media content, making sure that it fits your needs and goals.


Step #3- Social Analysis

During this important step we review your questionnaire and examine your overall social presence. Then, based on the data we will start crafting the Social Strategy .

Step #4- Social Strategy Review – Client Brief

We’ll brief you on our findings as well as present you with a custom social marketing strategy and upon your approval we will implement it and start the content creation for you.

Step #5 – Content Creation

The content/posts will incorporate different ideas – product/services, niche curated, branded quotes, videos, seasonal events, educational. All based on your particular goals and branding guidelines.

Step #6 – Relax, We Got It

Weekly (or biweekly depending on plan) you’ll receive new scheduled content/posts on your social marketing calendar from your ambassador. We want the created posts/content to reflect your brand and vision so they are scheduled a minimum of a week in advance in case you want to review or provide feedback on them before they go out.