Tik Tok is a video-sharing app that launched in 2017, and with over one billion users to date, has become the fastest rising social media platform.

With 66% of Tik Tok’s audience being younger than 30, this is a great platform to reach the younger audience with an ad. It’s important to have high quality, sharable content to get your ad to perform well on the platform.

Tik Tok makes targeting your audience easy by allowing brands to use filters and make adjustments to create the perfect audience. Examples of filters include age, gender, language, interests, devices, location, and more.

A valuable aspect of Tik Tok advertising is that you have the option to choose the day and time you want your ad to run.

Try the in-app Tik Tok video creation kit to make your ad stand out. It offers video and image templates for ultimate customization, and has over 300 free music templates to pick from.

If you want to start advertising on Tik Tok today, let us help you.